SurfLink Mobile 2

SurfLink Mobile 2: One Device That Does it All 


The Starkey SurfLink Mobile 2 is for the wireless hearing instruments of the Starkey Muse iQ and the SoundLens iQ.

The SurfLink Mobile 2 is a combination of an external microphone, media streamer and a remote control for your hearing aid.
The wireless hearing aids pair with the SurfLink Mobile 2 and wirelessly stream sound from any bluetooth compatible audio device.

The streaming is clear and stable. The Mobile 2 makes it possible to make hand-free phone calls through the hearing aids: The hearing aid microphones pick up your voice and transmit it to the person you are calling with. The SurfLink Mobile 2 then streams the speech from the person you are talking to directly to your hearing aids. Directional microphone enhances one-to-one conversations in noisy environments. Omnidirectional is suitable for listening in meetings or group discussions.

You don't hang this streamer around your neck so you can carry it with you invisibly.